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Book your FREE appointment NOW!!

Advocates and Lawyers


All banks and financial institutes have Advocates and
Lawyers to protect their interests, now we offer our
advocates and lawyers who will protect your interests
and will act on your behalf if required.

Our Advocates and Lawyers will :

  • Perform a full “legal audit” of your loan contract and check that protocols were followed prior to the offering of the loan by the financial institutes.
  • Will check whether the Creditors can legally enforce the debt.
  • Legally negotiate, revised repayment terms that you are able to pay, and try to ensure that it does not impact on your credit score.
  • Handle all calls and letters from your Creditors relating to any legal issues from your debts
  • Under take a full “legal due diligence” of any pending court action for a bounced cheque.
  • Handle all Court matters and pending court action for bounced cheque.
  • Legally check your credit file, and check that the entries are correct.
  • Advices on any entries on your credit file that needs to be rectified.
  • Under take a “full financial health check” to ensure that the correct credit score is reflected on your credit file.

Financial Advisors


Our Financial Advisors are well versed on personal financial debt and will be able to offer:

  • Full “financial health check” on your personal household finances
  • Manage all your debts so that you become “debt free” in the shortest time
  • Handle all calls and letters from your Creditors.
  • Stop hassle calls and letters from creditors.

Our Advocates, Lawyers and Financial Advisors are here to help you so that:

  • You do not have to compromise your lifestyle anymore to service your debts.
  • You can start to save money at the end of every month.
  • So that you can be stress free and debt free !!