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CIBIL Score-Meaning and Implications

A person may encounter people talking about CIBIL score quite often these days, especially when he or she tries to avail any type of credit from financial institutions.

Monthly salary- How to plan and rationalize spending of salary expenses.

Everyone loves that day of the month when they hear the sweet chime of their phone’s massage tone informing them of their salary being credited in bank account. However, the important task of spending that credited amount responsibly, starts after the credit.

7 things to avoid, if you don’t want to fall in the debt trap.

People in our parents and grandparents’ generations used to see debt as a bad word and resort to debt as the last measure. They used to save their income first and made suitable provisions before indulging in any type of expenses.

What should you do if you’re in debt in India?

With high profile debtors and fraudster like Nirav Modi, Vikram Kothari and our favourite Vijay Mallaya has made life for the ordinary debtor who is genuinely struggling with his/her finance more difficult and stressful

Home Loan- A Wise Financial Decision or A Debt Trap

Every person dream of having their own home at some point in their lives. Owning a home gives a person a sense of safety and stability, especially in a country like India where a person’s worth or social standing is sometimes also being judged by them owning a house.

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