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There’s no denying that living with debt is all consuming. You might put a brave face on for your loved ones, but the reality is you can’t stop stressing about where the money is coming from to put food on the table and keep the lights on at home.

You don’t have to live like this. You can live a life safe in the knowledge that your debts are being managed and you don’t need to worry about creditors continuously ringing you and contacting your friends and family at any moment because our Advocates will legally stop the creditor’s harassment.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people in India just like you. We know from experience that many people struggle to find the time, or acquire the skills, to effectively manage their debts and legal issues. With everything under one roof, we have the solution tailored made for you and save you time and money.

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What Our Client Say's About Us

Dharmesh RathodDharmesh Rathod
12:11 13 Jun 22
Very professional service...They try to handle every calls. Adv Bhavin has given me good service.They are very cooperative and always available for your queries.
Bhavani SBhavani S
08:30 13 Jun 22
Singledebt Paralegal team, he is so supportive and he talks to creditors on our behalf and solve our mental stress. He can also help speaking in Tamil language. Nice experience to have single debt and helpful. All other representative are all supportive.
nishant malaninishant malani
11:26 11 Jun 22
Single debt provided very good service..they timely help to those people who can not pay loan due to any reason...please advise to those people if they can not pay loan ...please take service from single debt to escape pain from bank
05:45 11 Jun 22
Hello All,I just want to Contact single Debit team to Francis Para Legal Team and Logand Financial adviserHe is very unique persons amongst the entire team. He is very professional at his work while talking to creditors and the way he use his strategy to convince very positive way.His strength is "Talk little and convince Quickly". I have seen many other Para legal advisors but Francis is different.There was a situation for me to discontinue services from Single Debt due to no one is getting connected at one point of time while getting harassments from creditors, That's when this Brilliant guy got in touch and handled my situation very peacefully and now I'm rest assured.I really want to take this appreciation to his Team leaders, Managers and the Single Debt Management to Identify his efforts and professionalism towards his work and take him up in his future promotions/carrier development's etc... He is the biggest asset from para legal team to Single Debt.Thank you
Nikhil AgrawalNikhil Agrawal
13:14 10 Jun 22
I have been using single debt service since last 3 months. Its good not that bad. you will not lose your self confidence when you are fighting alone with debt crunch. you will feel someone is there behind me. some problems you have to face alone which you cant ignore it. harassments will come from bank side because they are not getting their full amount but you will be guided by single debt how to avoid legal action.
13:43 31 May 22
I am a customer of Singledebt team for around 2 months now Its been a great experience till date.My account manager is Ashi.As part of customer onboarding they explained every detail of services. Almost had calls with them to understand services and they patiently answered all my questions. Thank you customer support team.Account management team and legal team always address the notices and intimations. Guided wherever required. Thank you account management and legal team.
David TalariDavid Talari
06:05 26 May 22
I really appreciate services from Single debt the way they guiding and taking responsibility especially Mr.Praful is our account Manager done his job by interacting with paralegal team .Thank you very much to Praful sir and his team honest reply I appreciate for his follow up even Sunday as well
Syed SaleemSyed Saleem
07:29 25 May 22
I am really thankful the the team single debt. They really made a brilliant service towards the public who is on a huge debts by banks. I am really thankful the person Mr. irfan Sheikh sir. Who is guiding me to be in peace from this bank harrasment, who is friendly and emotionally advice me everytime. he and the other remaining people like Mr. Ruzario Fernandez sir. Who is also very good at handling everything regarding settlements. I genuinely suggest people for single debt. But please be honest for yourself not for the fraud people. I wanted to write down more but am really wordless for these people. Thank you to the entire team Single debt.🙏
Rahul RajRahul Raj
05:58 20 May 22
Due to a fraud i was facing facing financial crisisA big THANK you to Single Debt who are helping to face the harrassment by collection agenciesI am glad i enrolled with Single Debt around 2 months and till now i am satisfied with the service.Thanks to my acc manager Ashi, who replies promptly and is very helpful. I also would like to thank paralegal legal team who always support and provide proper solution to deal with misbehaving of collection agent.Also thanks to the legal team who also support and patiently reply all my mails and messages.Thank to single debt team and hope you will support me further to overcome from this asap