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We offer a wide range of debt solutions and services to suit every situation. You can read more about our services:

1. Debt- free Solution.

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Debt Management Plan to become Debt-Free

One of the most popular solutions that SingleDebt has to offer is a payment plan that allows you to pay off all of your unsecured debts at one affordable rate. This is known as a Debt Management Plan (DMP) which SingleDebt will set up and manage for you with all of your creditors.

This plan allows us to systematically pay off each one of your creditors at a rate you can afford and get you on the road to becoming debt-free. Our Debt Management Plan can only be used for unsecured debts, these are debts that have not been secured against any property or asset. Typical examples of unsecured debts are personal loans, credit cards, education loans and bank overdrafts.

Once SingleDebt has set up all relevant payments with your creditors, your regular monthly payment to us will be distributed to your creditors. Our aim will be to reduce as many of your accounts as possible within the shortest time possible, getting you debt free and stress free in a timely manner.

Key features

   You’ll only pay what you can afford each month.

   We’ll reduce your monthly repayments to an affordable level.

   You’ll only repay your debt to multiple creditors with a single, comfortable monthly payment.

   Whatever your situation is, we can help you.

   In some cases interest will be frozen

   We will deal with your lenders on your behalf and start paying off one creditor at a time, so that you become debt-free.

   You won’t have to deal with creditors, we do that for you.

   We handle all sort of communication such as legalizing the documents and verbal communication with your creditors on your behalf.

   We can help you become debt-free so that you can get your life back on track.

The term for your Debt Management Plan will depend on your debt level and what you can afford to pay towards the debt plan. You will be assigned a SingleDebt Advocate and account manager that will manage your plan for you and will support you every step of the way.

RBI Advice

RBI Advises that Debt Management is Right for People in Debt.

RBI advises people who are struggling with debt to seek professional help from Credit Counselling Centers. SingleDebt specialises in these services, which is free debt counselling, financial education, and debt solutions. RBI defines a Debt Management Plan (DMP) as – “negotiating with the creditors to establish a reduced payment plan (EMI) and request a reduction in the interest charged. This is the process of restructuring debts so that borrowers gradually overcome their debt burden and improve their money management skills”

What Our Client Say's About Us

Fierce TankFierce Tank
05:02 06 Apr 22
So far so good. Have just taken their services and Single Debt Team has been handling my lenders since the beginning. Thank you Single Debt Team.
Karthik GuptazKarthik Guptaz
07:36 05 Apr 22
It's trustful ! I strongly believed and recommend to people who have an issue to pay EMIs or into financial crises. I really thankful to each and every person who works in single debt. Team handled my case very well and given prompt responses to all my queries. My special thanks to paralegal team also my account manager.
Amrita GoswamiAmrita Goswami
09:19 28 Mar 22
Great counseling and a very efficient team. They go beyond working hours and technical limitations to assist you! I owe it to them for getting back to life! Any problem, we have your back how they assure and assist clients. So far they have been extremely helpful!
Subodhkumar TiwariSubodhkumar Tiwari
08:59 28 Mar 22
They handle cases professionally & legally. Now I don't get harrassing threatening calls from recovery goons. If you don't want to hear abusive calls from goons. Please hire their services.
Parag DalviParag Dalvi
08:25 28 Mar 22
It's been a good experience so far but creditors don't easily understand and can call you again and again from different numbers. Single debt is doing a good job.
ayesha shikalgarayesha shikalgar
06:05 28 Feb 22
It's been a month with single debt ... but honestly every body is helpful , all are amazing ... at 1st Shilpa .. she is the best .. also I would like to thanks and really appreciate to praful from paralegal team the way he handle collection executive calls it's really appreciable.Thank u all for supporting
Bharat KadavBharat Kadav
15:47 03 Feb 22
Excellent Services..They are Really good at their work. They know how to deal with 3rd Parties(Bank Agencies ) & NBFC Legally.. I am Being harrassed by NBFC & Bank Agency's almost since last 2 Years... Hoping for the Best.. Thank you Single Debt
Nirdosh BaudhNirdosh Baudh
05:27 28 Jan 22
This services are very good and now that time I feel good before than. And all person of single debt team are very helpful I specially thanks to Mr. Mohammad Ali and your team members.
Sunil MakwanaSunil Makwana
04:51 28 Dec 21
If you are in debt trap and have so many loans the this is best platform. Currently I am using their services. They are handling all calls of creditors and answer them professional manner. And helped me lot. Thanks to single debt.
Ayush SaxenaAyush Saxena
08:20 09 Nov 21
This is different from debt consolidation, a better way to streamline your finances. Though one might be a little bit skeptical about it before but with personal experiences, it has provided me with mental satisfaction and peace which is highly unlikely in a country like India where banks are running amok without a proper structure.