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When an individual Misses an EMI, creditors start their recovery process, which means that the individual will experience the following:


Unable To Pay Future EMIs

Recovery Agents At Your Door

Legal Notice

These acts of recovery are within the RBI guideline, but in most cases from our customers experiences, we have discovered that the creditors do cross the legal line and start using harassment and intimidation tactics.

Our Advocates will intervene when the creditors start using these tactics, to ensure that your customers rights are protected. We will follow through with legal proceeding also claim for any losses or compensation arising from the harassment on a “No win, No Fee” basis – this means that we will not charge you any legal fees unless we win the compensation back for you. We will charge only 25% of any compensation awarded against such harassment.

If you are receiving continuous abusive telephone calls, you can redirect those calls to our paralegal team who will answer them on your behalf. In cases of creditors visiting your home or place of work, you can redirect them to our advocates and paralegals who will handle them on a legal footing.


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Helped more than 50,000+ debt-ridden individuals in India.

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How SingleDebt Works ?

1. Enroll Now

1. Enroll Now

Enroll with us by filling a
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2. Debt-Free Counselling

2. Debt-Free Counselling

Our professional debt counsellors will evaluate your situation and provide the best possible customized DMP
3. Affordable Monthly EMIs

3. Affordable Monthly EMIs

Our DMP will help you reduce the multiple EMIs into a Single Affordable EMI, based on your disposable income.
4. Get relief from Creditors’ Harassment

4. Get relief from Creditors’ Harassment

We will act as a shield for you and get relief from Creditor Harassment
5. Legal Assistance

5. Legal Assistance

We will provide 
Professional Legal Support
6. Debt Free Life

6. Debt Free Life

Get on board with us to
become debt free


SingleDebt helps you customize your debts in a Single Affordable EMI as per your income and lets you pay your Debt efficiently with our Debt Management Plan.

For Example: You are earning INR 40,000 pm and paying EMIs of INR 10,000 pm, along with all your regular monthly expenses. Due to some unavoidable expenses, you are left with just INR 5,000 and hence unable to pay your EMIs in full. With SingleDebt’s Debt Management Plan, you can pay your EMIs according to your income and convenience.

No Harassment Calls

We will redirect the creditors’ calls to us and control the daily harassment

No Recovery Agents At Your Door

We will restrict the creditor visits to your home or

Pay EMIs As Per Your Convenience

With SingleDebt, you can pay a Single Affordable EMI as per your disposable income.

Legal Support

Our experienced lawyers will always be available & respond to your creditors’ legal notices


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If you have defaulted on a payment then your credit score would have been affected already. With our debt management plan, as your creditors receive regular payments, this will start reflecting on your credit report which in turn will help improve your score over time. It is important that you keep up with the repayments on the plan as your creditors will be keeping a close eye on regularity of your payments.

Your credit report may reflect that you are on a repayment plan, although some creditors may not register it. With regular payments, your credit score will improve. It is important that the plan is followed through on time, every month.

For your repayment plan to have optimum affect, all unsecured debts should be included on the plan. This allows you to free up as much disposable income as possible to pay off your creditors. Our aim is to get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

Each plan is tailored to your requirements. We make sure you have enough income to cover your essential bills, like rent, food, utility bills, medical and travel expenses. The remaining money (disposable income) will be set aside to pay back your creditors every month.

We would love to speak with you and understand your financial circumstance. Please contact us or fill the online registeration form and one of our debt advisors will be in touch. Tel: +91 (961) 910-3594