⚠ Please Note: We Do Not Provide any Type of Loan / Credit Card
⚠ Please Note: We Do Not Provide any Type of Loan / Credit Card

SingleDebt Protect you from Recovery Agent Harassment

India’s No. 1 Debt Management Company

Struggling with Loan/Debt?

SingleDebt helps you to customize your EMI’s as per your Income and let you to pay your Debt efficiently with our Debt Management Plan.

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We have helped 25k+ clients to get Debt Free

Benefits for Enrolling with SingleDebt’s Plan?

☎ No Harassment

We will Stop the Harassment Calls from Creditor's & Redirect to us.

🏠 No Recovery Agent
at your Door

We will Restrict to the Creditor's to visit your Home/Office.

💳 Pay EMI’s according
to your convenience

With SingleDebt you can pay your EMI's according to your Income

⚖️ Legal Support

Our Experienced Lawyers will always there for you & respond to all your Creditor's notices

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We Are a One Stop Solution

to Stop Recovery Harassment & Pay your Debts

Recovery agents are often hired by Creditors to collect on delinquent debts, but some agents may use harassing or abusive tactics to get what they want. SingleDebt will let you know the rights as a borrower, and it’s important to know how to protect yourself.

1. Right to Fair and Transparent Lending Practices: Lenders must provide clear and concise information about loan terms, interest rates, and any fees associated with the loan.

2. Right to Privacy: Lenders must keep your personal and financial information confidential and secure.

3. Right to Dispute Errors: You have the right to dispute any errors or inaccuracies on your credit report.

4. Right to Pre-payment: You have the right to pay off the loan in full or in part before the due date without penalty. 

5. Right to Protection from Harassment: You have the right to be protected from abusive, harassing, or misleading debt collection practices.

The Time Is Running Out! Think About it and take action Accordingly. 

Register Yourself and Get free from the Recovery Agents Harassment

— Why People Trust Our Service?

25,000+ ACCOUNTS
in India



How SingleDebt Works ?

1. Enroll Now

Enroll with us by
simply filling
the Registration Form

2. Redirect your Calls

We have professional
Para-Legal Team
who will
handle all your Harassment

3. Stop's Creditor Harassment

We will Stop Creditor Harassment
and will stop them from
visiting Home,. Office, etc.

4. Affordable Monthly EMI

Lower your monthly EMI's that is affordable for you based on your disposable income.

5. Legal Assistance

We will provide Professional
Legal Support

6. Debt Free Life

Getting you on the road to
become debt free

— In this Plan SingleDebt
will provide you the Below Features:

Harassment Calls

Redirect your Creditor’s Call to SingleDebt. We will Stop them for you

Home / Office Visit

We will Stop them to visit your Home, Office, etc

Pay Affordable EMI

You will be able to pay your EMI's according to what is affordable to you.

Don't let a recovery agent intimidate or harass you. Take control of the situation by educating yourself on your rights and taking action to protect yourself.

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With our debt management plan, your credit score may dip in the beginning as you close down your accounts. However, credit score is temporary and can be improved by timely payment.

The debt management plan itself is unlikely to be reflected on your credit report. Some creditors may report that an account is being paid through a managed repayment plan, though most will not. This notation should not have any impact on your score.

Yes, all unsecured debts are included to opt for your debt management plan. The purpose of revolving this program is to help customers get out of debts. To do this, our financial advisors will offer first free counselling.
At SingleDebt, every debt management plan is different, depending on your DI (disposable income).
To find the right solution to your debt resolution challenge, simply contact to us or fill the online register form and one of our financial counselor will directly get in touch.