Stop Creditor Harassment

Stopping Creditor Harassment

When an individual misses an EMI, creditor’s start their recovery process, which means that the individual will experience the following:

  • Constant telephone calls
  • Unsolicited visits to their home and place of work
  • Legal Notices
  • Contacting friends and families

These acts of recovery are within the RBI guideline, but in most cases from our customers experiences, we have discovered that the creditors do cross the legal line and start using harassment and intimidation tactics.

Our Advocates will intervene when the creditors start using these tactics, to ensure that your customer’s rights are protected. We will also claim for compensation if the harassment does not stop, on a “No win, No Fee” basis – this means that we will not charge them any fees unless we win compensation for them (25% of any compensation awarded).

If your clients are receiving continuous abusive telephone calls, they can redirect those calls to our paralegal team who will answer them on your customer’s behalf. In cases of creditors visiting your customers home or place of work, your client can redirect them to our Advocates and paralegals who will handle them on a legal footing.