Settlements & Foreclosures

A debt settlement is an agreement between a lender and a borrower to pay back a portion of a loan balance, while the remainder of the debt is forgiven.

We can negotiate your settlement so that you become debt free, in most cases without it affecting your credit score.

When you are considering a settlement, then there are options that we can offer as all settlements are not the same. We can negotiate settlements that best suits your circumstances.

Our financial advisors and Advocates can negotiate the following types of settlements and debt clearance:

  1. One time settlement
  2. One time settlement with credit clearance
  3. Settlement over a term
  4. A settlement over a term with credit clearance
  5. Settlement with a moratorium period
  6. Reversal settlement
  7. Foreclosure
  8. Time barred debt

Doing settlements is one way, on your way to become debt free.

Interest and charges are daily added on your debt by the lender, the sooner we can obtain a settlement letter this will stop, and this will also stop debt collection calls, creditor’s harassment, and legal action.

No one can guarantee a settlement, this is on the discretion and policies of the Bank and NBFC. We will first check with the Banks and NBFC if a settlement can be undertaken and then we will negotiate the type of settlement we can obtain for you.

It is said that when you do a settlement, it will have an adverse impact on your credit score. This is not the case anymore, we can negotiate a settlement without it having an impact on your credit score.

  • We negotiate settlements, in most cases without it impacting your credit score.
  • We negotiate a payment term for you to pay your settlement over time.
  • We negotiate moratorium period on your settlement before you start paying.
  • We do not charge any up-front fees for our settlement; you only pay us when you get the settlement letter.
  • Our Advocates will check your settlement letter to ensure that the terms are as agreed, and you are protected from any future claims.
  • Our Advocates will check if your debt is time barred or not.