RBI Observed Financial Literacy Week in February

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has declared February 14 to 18 as financial literacy week in order to promote financial education among the public. The program is aimed at educating the general public on the importance of financial literacy and the launch of ” Go Digital, Go Secure “ in India

Now-a-days, the government is taking the initiative to make India a digital country. As a result of the new technology and the clever working of our experts, all our services will be available digitally for our customers, with enhanced technology and secure communication.

This theme is one of the financial strategic objectives of the National Strategy for Financial Education 2020-2025. The main focus for the introduction of this theme in the year 2022 was to spread awareness about:

RBI recently released a few agendas and statements whereby it said, “Banks have been advised to disseminate information and create awareness among their customers and the general public.” Further, RBI will undertake a mass media campaign during the month of February 2022 to disseminate essential financial awareness messages to the general public,”

Since 2016, the Reserve Bank of India has been implementing financial education messages on a particular theme every year across the country, through a focused campaign. The reason

Facts About Financial Literacy Week You Need to Know

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