The dark side of buy now pay later schemes

Buy now pay later schemes is the most instant solution and the coolest way to purchase an essential item, but looking at it closely, it might be a sign of massive interest rates and a debt trap.

It is easier than ever to get what you want, when you want it- regardless of how much money you have. The Buy Now, Pay Later schemes is a method that allows you to split the total bill into a series of interest-free installments, or to defer paying the total bill for a specific period of time and pay later.

By using the scheme wisely, you will be able to maintain the cost of your online purchase. If not, it can have a devastating effect on your financial wellbeing.

The dark side of buy now pay later schemes

Although the buy now pay later schemes is seamless, it has several flaws that negatively impact your lifestyle if you miss it or delay it.

Even if a late payment is harmless on buy now, pay later purchases, it could adversely affect your ability to keep up with your finances. If you miss a payment or make a late payment, it could lead to debts and high interest charges.

Buy now, pay later intends to attract to those who are struggling financially and having difficulty making their existing monthly payments. The additional cost of buy now, pay later could worsen the situation by putting them in debt.

Buying an expensive item and paying for it the next year certainly seems attractive, but will you be able to afford it in twelve months?

Complications associated with buy now pay later schemes

If you make a purchase on buy now, pay later and have not fully paid your bill, you will be required to make a minimum monthly repayment, inclusive of late fee charges and interest. Interest often starts from the date of purchase, backdating to include the interest-free window. Missed repayments on buy now pay later schemes generally entail hefty penalties.

Can buy now, pay later schemes be good?

Making your buy now, pay later repayments on time can help improve your credit score. It shows lenders that you will be able to manage well and can afford to repay what you borrow.

However, if you delay your buy now, pay later repayment, it will adversely affect your credit score and lead you to forcefully repay extra charges which include late fees and involve high interest rates.

Alternatives to buy now, pay later schemes

Buy now, pay later schemes can be useful if you need a rapid turnaround on an essential item and you are sure of paying it off within the interest – free window. But they can also be dangerous for unsuspecting shoppers who are enticed by the deferred payments on non-essential products.

In the absence of a solid understanding of the agreement’s terms and potential charges, problems can creep up on customers and may lead to spiraling debt.

What should you do if you or someone you know has fallen into the trap of Buy Now, Pay Later?

If you or someone you know has fallen into the trap of Buy Now, Pay Later, there are solutions for you. SingleDebt can help cease harassment from these agents and handle the legal side for you. We urge you not to resolve this alone as this can lead to further harassment. Contact SingleDebt on +91 961 910 3594 or fill out the form either on the home page or contact page

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